Sealcoating - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire you?

We are often asked, what separates us from the competition? The best answer we can give, is the time we take and the pride we have in our quality work. We know that every asphalt project we complete further cements our reputation as the best asphalt maintenance contractor in Southeastern, WI - we are committed to growing that reputation, one driveway or parking lot at a time. Not too mention, we are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau!

What time will you be here?

As I'm sure you can understand we complete several projects a day and sometimes delays and re-routing the order of our jobs is necessary. This makes it very hard to give exact times, however, if you have a special need or request we can always accomodate. The earliest we would begin a residential project is 7:30 am and we are always working past 5:00 pm.

Do I have to do anything before you arrive?

Not at all, we'll take care of everything. Although we do ask that any vehicles are out of the garage and off the driveway before we arrive.
Note: Due to the resilience of certain weeds, it is common for weeds to grow along the edges and between cracks in both unsealed and sealed asphalt. We encourage all our customers to keep these weeds from encroaching on your blacktop, and it's never a bad idea to spray any weeds you see coming up through the asphalt either before our service or during off years.

How long do I have to stay off the driveway after sealcoating?

24 Hours is the minimum time to stay off the driveway, however additional time up to 48 hours doesn't hurt, especially if the evenings are cooler.

How often should I sealcoat my driveway?

New asphalt should be sealed 12-18 months after installation. Sealcoat should then be applied every other year afterwards.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, if you call our office at (262) 370-6670, we can email you an invoice through a reputable secure service. It's then an easy process for you to complete your secure purchase online, rather then call our office with a credit card number. Otherwise, you can always mail us a check made payable to Supersealers Asphalt at 166 Wilson Ave, Dousman WI 53118.

What time of year can we complete your project?

If the weather cooperates, we can usually sealcoat from May 1st, thru October. Asphalt patching and crack filling projects can begin in mid-April thru mid-November.

Are we insured?

Absolutely, we want to protect our customers, employees and ourselves.

Patching - Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to stay off of a patched area?

Both our Infrared and Remove & Replace patching procedures will allow for you to drive over a patched area within a couple of hours. We do ask that you avoid parking a car directly on top of an asphalt patch for a few weeks to allow the asphalt to properly and completely harden.

Is removed asphalt recycled?

In fact it is, any asphalt removed by our patching process is 100% recycled into new hot asphalt by local asphalt plants!

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